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Our Signatories (565)

Daron Acemoglu

Professor of Economics, MIT

Daniel Kokotajlo

Former Employee, OpenAI

Yi Zeng

Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Founding Director, Center for Long-term AI

Stuart Russell

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Jules Terpak


Maya Wiley

President and CEO, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

Marc Rotenberg

Founder and President, Center for AI and Digital Policy

Max Tegmark

President, Future of Life Institute; Professor, MIT

Peter Singer

Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University

AI Safety Initiative @ UC Chile

Student organization

Dawn Song

Professor, UC Berkeley

Will Loosley


Bill de Blasio

Former Mayor of New York City

Razvan Nicolesci

Former Minister of Energy of Romania

David Price

Former member, U.S. House of Representatives (NC-04)

Jason Hsu

Former Member of Taiwanese Parliament

Dan Hendrycks

Executive Director, Center for AI Safety

Abdullahi Akbar

Executive Director, Somali Human Rights Organization

Gary Marcus

Professor Emeritus, NYU

Luciano Floridi

Professor and Founding Director, Yale Digital Ethics Center

Christopher Manning

Director, Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory; Professor of Computer Science and Linguistics, Stanford University

Robert Weissman

President, Public Citizen

Prateek Waghre

Executive Director, Internet Freedom Foundation

Anthony Aguirre

Executive Director / Future of Life Institute

Kate Crawford

Professor, USC Annenberg; Co-Founder, AI Now Institute

James Landay

Co-Director, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI; Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

Jaan Tallinn

Founding engineer, Skype

Stanley Katz

National Humanities Medal Recipient; Former President, American Council of Learned Societies

Xiaohu Zhu

Founder / Center for Safe AGI

Matthias Spielkamp

Founder and Executive Director, AlgorithmWatch

Aza Raskin

Co-Founder, Center for Humane Technology; Co-Founder, Earth Species Project

Brian Christian

Author of The Alignment Problem

Gisela Luján Andrade

Founder and Director / Perú por el Desarme

Balaraman Ravindran

Professor and Head, Wadhwani School of Data Science and AI, Indian Institute of Technology-Madras

Gillian Hadfield

Schwartz Reisman Chair in Technology and Society, University of Toronto; Canada CIFAR AI Chair, Vector Institute for AI

Nicole Gill

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Accountable Tech

Ashkan Alinaghian

AI Policy Analyst

Ludmila Golovine


Nora Ammann


Scot Peterson

Lecturer in Politics

Petruta Pirvan

Founder and Legal Counsel Data Privacy and Digital Law

Mark Esposito

Professor & Affiliate Faculty

Naushard Cader


Steven Mehringer

International Communications Advisor

Saharsha Navani

Generative AI Researcher @ Google DeepMind & DTC Core Member @ United Nations IGF

Robert Trager

Professor, University of Oxford; Director, Oxford Martin AI Governance Initiative; International Governance Lead, Centre for the Governance of AI

Jose Hernandez-Orallo

Professor of Computer Science, Technical University of Valencia

Nina Jankowicz

Co-Founder and CEO, American Sun Project; Former Executive Director, Disinformation Governance Board of the United States; Author of How to Lose the Information War

Veronica Dahl

Lifetime Professor Emeritus / Simon Fraser University, Computing Sciences Department

Toby Walsh

Chief Scientist, AI Institute, UNSW Sydney

Jennifer Menninger

Executive Director, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Germany

Vincent Conitzer

Professor of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University; Professor of Computer Science and Philosophy, University of Oxford

Seth Lazar

Professor of Philosophy at Australian National University

Benjamin Prud’homme

Vice-President, Policy and Global Affairs, Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute

Luis Pereira

Professor of Computer Science (retired) at NOVA University of Lisbon

Camilo Serna Villegas

Deputy Director / Colombian Campaign to Ban Landmines

Merve Hickok

President / Center for AI and Digital Policy

Constance de Leusse

Executive Director, Tech and Global Affairs Innovation Hub at Sciences Po university

Andrew Critch

CEO of Encultured AI; Research Scientist at UC Berkeley

Christabel Randolph

Law Fellow / Center for AI and Digital Policy

Heather-Ashley Boyer

Actor and AI Safety Advocate

Edward Wittenstein

Executive Director, International Security Studies, Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs, Yale University

Payal Arora

Professor of Inclusive AI Cultures, Utrecht University

Michele Elam

Professor in the Humanities, Stanford University; Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI

Steven Kelts

Lecturer in tech policy and human values at Princeton University

Nicola Fabiano

Prof. / Studio Legale Fabiano-EDPB's Pool of Experts-The European AI Alliance

Tolga Bilge

Leader of aitreaty.org

Nicolas Gertler

Chair of AI Issue Advisory Council and AI & Education Advisor, Encode Justice

Voters of Tomorrow

Independent organization / United States

Seisei Tatebe-Goddu

CEO, Lights On Labs

Peter S. Park

AI Existential Risk Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT

Design It For Us

Coalition of youth organizations / Global

Young People’s Alliance

Independent organization / United States

World Economic Forum’s Generation AI Youth Council

World Economic Forum / Global

University of Melbourne Responsible AI Development

University of Melbourne / Australia

Nicholas Osaka

Advisor, AI 2030

Kashyap Rajesh

Vice President of Global Chapter Programs, Encode Justice

Benjamin H. Snyder

Associate Professor of Sociology / Williams College

McGill Women in Computer Science

McGill University / Canada


Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) / Brazil


Écoles Normales Supérieures / Frances

Manuel Bimich

Co-Founder of Centre pour la Sécurité de l'IA

Gothenburg AI Safety

Gothenburg / Sweden

LOG OFF Movement

Washington University in St Louis / United States

Zamaan Qureshi

Design It For Us / Co-Chair

Aidan Kohn-Murphy

Founder of Gen-Z for Change / Forbes under 30

James Fox

Research Director, London Initiative for Safe AI

Glen Weyl

Founder / RadicalxChange

Emma Lembke

Executive Director / LOG OFF Movement

Sam Hiner

Executive Director / Young People’s Alliance

Ava Smithing

Advocacy and Operations Director / Young People's Alliance

Cleo Norris

Co-Director, Encode Justice Canada

Trisha Prabhu

Founder and CEO of ReThink / Anti-Hate Activist

Okezue Bell

Founder / Fidutam

Alena Dasha Peethala

Co-Director of Policy, Encode Justice Oregon

IIT Kharagpur AI Safety

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur / India

Deeksha Vaidyanathan

Director, Encode Justice California

Stanford Women in Computer Science

Stanford / United States

Youth Power Project

Independent organization / United States

Neha Shukla

Chair, World Economic Forum Generation AI Youth Council

James Zhang

Co-Director, Encode Justice Florida

Tyler Johnston

Executive Director / The Midas Project

Stanford Cardinal Policy Group

Stanford University / United States

University of Southampton AI Society

University of Southampton / United Kingdom

Stanford AI Alignment

Stanford University / United States

Shreya Sampath

Director of U.S. Chapter Projects, Encode Justice

Yale Policy Institute Tech Policy Center

Yale University / United States

Williams Women In Business

Williams College / United States

UW-Madison AI Safety Initiative

University of Wisconsin-Madison / University of Wisconsin-Madison


Independent Organization

Yale Entrepreneurial Society

Yale University / United States

Budapest AI Safety

Hungary AI Safety / Hungary

UOregon AI Student Association

University of Oregon / University of Oregon

Yale AI Policy Initiative

Yale University / United States

University College London AI Society

University College London / United States

UNC Pembroke ACM Club

University of North Carolina at Pembroke / United States

Hungary AI Safety

Independent organization

UCF Students for Humane Technology

University of Central Florida / United States

Toronto AI Safety Meetup

Independent organization / Canada

UMich AI Safety Initiative

University of Michigan / United States


New York Institute of Technology / United States

Sean Speegle

Director of Internet Governance / United Nations Dynamic Teen Coalition

McGill Women In Tech

McGill University / Canada

Lehigh AI Club

Lehigh University / United States

IU Bloomington Human-Computer Interaction Club

Indiana University Bloomington / United States

McGill Pre-Law Society

McGill University / Canada

Harvard Undergraduates for Bipartisan Solutions

Harvard University / United States

AI Safety Student Team at Harvard

Harvard University / Cambridge, Massachusetts

McGill AI Alignment

Independent organization / Canada

Harvard Responsible Computing Collective

Harvard College / United States

GWU RevTech

The George Washington University / United States

Duke Women in Tech

Duke University / United States

Carlos Mougan

Research / The Alan Turing Institute

Cambridge AI Safety Hub

Cambridge University / United Kingdom

GMU Data Science and Computation Society

George Mason University / United States

Soomin Koh

Student, Williams College

Brown Machine Intelligence Community

Brown University / Providence, Rhode Island

Clara Hawking

Head of Artificial Intelligence / Globeducate

Catherine Page

Director of Communications / Dynamic Teen Coalition at the United Nations, Internet Governance Forum

Danika Gupta

Founder / AI4Science

Jeramie Kim

Youth Community Advocate / Public Knowledge

Imane Hmiddou

AI Ethics and Governance Researcher

Carlos Gamez

Graduate Student

Ram Rachum

AI Safety Researcher / Bar-Ilan University

Andrei Klesse

Student / University of Washington

Vasant G Honavar

Professor / The Pennsylvania State University

Favour Nerrise

PhD Candidate, Electrical Engineering / Stanford University

Mitch Shue

Executive Director, Clemson AI Research Institute for Science and Engineering (AIRISE) and Professor of Practice, School of Computing

George Gor

AI Governance Analyst, The Future Society

Julianne Huang


Devan Agrawal


Alexandre Fradet


Chloe Seoyeon Lee

Undergraduate student

Yuon Terashima




Kosha Doshi

Omer Bilgin

Co-founder / deliberAIde

Ian Concannon

Clay Wheeler

Head of Artificial Intelligence at Riptide / University of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill

Brian Zhou

AI Issue Advisory Council / Encode Justice

Aimee Li

Co-Director of Content / Encore Justice Canada

Eitel JM Lauría

Professor of Data Science & Information Systems / Marist College

Nadjiba Boukemidja

Professor, University of Algiers


Independent organization

Ahana Chakraborty

Student / Kings College London Mathematics School

Tufts AI Society

Tufts University

Nada Madkour

AI Standards Development Researcher / UCB CLTC

Lilly Olson

Student / Georgetown University

Noah Weinberger

Student / ClockworkAI

James Lang

Cofounder / Kaze

Priyanka Kothari

Data Scientist

Sophie Richardson

Lu Kuan Han


Frizz Lauterbach

Professor, Munich University of Music and Performing Arts

Harun Curak

Theo Farrell


Jasmine Hasmatali

Master's Student

Liam Park

Student, Seton Hall University

Anatole Debierre


Ken Holstein

Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Ely Altman

Brady-Johnson Program in Grand Strategy Student

Catherine McMillan


Luca Boot


Cing Hoih


Avery Williams

Wailin Kristine Andrae Wang

Director of Web Operations

Usraat Fahmidah

Co-Executive Director

Heidi Baskfield

President, Speak Our Minds / CEO

Valeria Alvarado


Jacinto A. Dávila Quintero

Professor, Universidad de Los Andes

Sanchit Dass


Victoria Pylvainen

SVP K-12 Product Solutions, LearningMate

Corey Layne Crouch

Chief Program Officer

Le Thuy Duong Nguyen

Undergraduate Student, McGill University / The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute) / Encode Justice Canada / Research Assistant

Maanas Sharma

AI Advisory Board; Student and Researcher

Matthew Allaire

Director at LOG OFF Movement

Cella Wardrop


Rupa Singh

Author, CEO

Sean Schrader

Manuel Curado


Heramb Podar

Co-Executive Director

Himayath Nuzraan


Roman Yampolskiy


Michael Hanegan


Bilal Chughtai

AI Safety Researcher

Alexander Garcia


Asong Suh Jr

Texas Director of Education

Asia Genawi

Director, Encode Justice Indiana

Hansel Weu

Karan Pratap Singh


Durham AI Safety

Durham University / United States

Samuel Conway

Director of Technology

Groningen AI Safety Initiative

Stichting AI Safety Initiative Groningen / Netherlands


Pedro Aurélio Sola da Silva Rodrigues

Estudante / UNESP

Lindsey Washburn

Director of Public and Social Sector Policy

Mahita Sultana


Daniel Kosta

Co-founder & CMO

Alfie Lamerton

Artificial Intelligence MSc Student

Jonathan Claybrough

Board member

Catalina Nicolin


Kirra Pendergast


Jeanne Beatrix Law

Professor of English and Digital Writing

Fernando de Carvalho Gomes


Riya Kataria

Student / Oxford University/London School of Economics

Onni Mansikkamäki

Data Engineer

Jaykishan Meda

Undergraduate Student

Aaron Scher

Joseph Awuah Baffour

Young CEO and chapter led for encode justice Ghana

Divya Durgavarjhula

Student Research Assistant

Akarsh Arora

Assistant Professor

Sumanth Ratna

Finn van der Velde


Ceylin Erbaz

Co-founder and ambassador / Student

Megha Bose

Emmanuel Ugbomiekon


Deborah Smith

Founder & CEO

Frederico de Castro Oliveira


Martha Mounir Hanna

Senior Solutions BI Engineering Specialist

Danilo De Rosa


Anousha Athreya

Angus Chan


Emily M Mance

University Network Board of Directors

Oluwadamilola David Ogunnaike

Frontend Developer

Paulina Duran Miranda

Sr Device Test Engineer II

Zachary Lucius Danzig


Therese Marie


Yonah Welker

Public Technologist, Evaluator

Marisa Zalabak

Co-Chair AI Ethics Education

Rachit Acharya

Lucas Schmuck

Master in Public Policy Student

Francesca Crachilova


Magie Antonio

Executive Director and Board of Trustee

Salew P Kadena

Vriti Vankani


Megan Nyhan

PhD Student

Emiliana Murgia

PhD student

Qurra Tul Ain Nisar

Organisational Consultant

Louis Rosenberg

CEO / Chief Scientist

Nikhil Javeri


Alex Tveit

Adam Poulsen

Research Fellow

Jenie Fernando


shaunna rodrigues

Lecturer, Columbia Core Curriculum

Manuela Garzon

Student & Transformation Analyst

Sasha Luccioni

AI & Climate Lead

Dhana Bala

Chief Technology Officer

Biviana Flores

Fahad Tamton


Mart Vitalis


Frederick J McCawley

Senior Professor

Aayush Kucheria

Master's Student

Win Naing Kyaw

Software Engineering Student

Patrick Gilroy

Head of AI & Education

Jaimis Ulrich


Ashish Tewari

Responsible AI Office

Claudia Ligonie Lerma

Tech advisory consultant for AI Strategy

Tzu Kit Chan


Dylan Cablayan

SEES Intern

Luna Wang

Masters student

jimmy martinez

ceo / chief innovation officer

Kyler R. Zhou


Samir Duggasani

US AI Law and Policy Fellow

Grace Thomson

Teaching and Research Fellow

William M. Barker


Afeti Morti Setor Cyril


Kian Lakhani


Henry Coleman

Oluwafemi Ayomide Ajibona

Jordan Anthony Truscello


Antonio Lentini


Vinny Panchal


Leroux Benoit


Karine Caunes

Founder and Executive Director

Sanidhya Gurudev

Law School Student

Tony Mandungu

AI Policy Fellow, Encode Justice

Anousha Athreya


Angela Z. Chen

Freshman Class President

Roman V Yampolskiy

Associate Professor

eugene lewis

Head of Catalyst and Senior Program Officer

Lyla Yango

Anika Dugal

Founder and President

Suchir Paruchuri

Executive Director



Anusha Reddy

Harry Whitfield

Marina Byard

Program Associate & Entrepreneur

Begyira Donald Sharp

Branch Legal Advisor ( Rukungiri Branch)

Selim Alan

Director of Communications

Siya Verma

Pat Pataranutaporn


Omer Alaiashy

Ignacio Cofone

Canada Research Chair in AI Law & Data Governance

Avery Wall

Chelsea Mitchell


Dr. D. Samarender Reddy


Konstantinos Siliafis

Dean of Law

Timothy Kang


Suzie Shefeni

African Humanists for Ethical AI

Adeeb Zaman

Software Engineer 2

Avyay M C

Rudolf Laine

Machine Learning Research

Alma Barranco-Mendoza

Co-Founder & CEO | AI Researcher

Immogen Goodman

IT Manager

Tobi Chanu Park


Amina Akhmetbekova


Armin Nikolas Daniel Gruber


Ilina Shanta Kabra

James Kelly

COO, Cassette Systems

Erin Scullion Jones

Lecturer Faculty

Jenny Robayo

Consultant and professor

Amanda DePriest

Content and Curriculum Developer

Elizabeth Langeland

Elizabeth Aguado Laos


Ma Jolina Bianca Kahn

Partner and Chief Futurist

Seryan Burke-Low

Professional Musical Theatre Performer

Gabriel Yves Guillot

Maurice Rabb

Adjunct Professor

Madeline Rodzianko


Ethan Xu

Kunal Dalal

Administrator of Artificial Intelligence

Sabrina Santos Peres

Public Policy Student

Sejal Rekhan

Grant Inmovations Specialist

Prof. Dr. Evone Botros

Prof. Dr. / Emerald Ambassador and Certified Educator of the Top-Notch Business English Worldwide Leadership Programs for Business English Proficiency, Expertise, and Mastery.FRSA

Maria Santacaterina


Gerry Copitch

Technosopher / Director

Ian Helfrich

Doctoral Candidate

Xuxin Fan


Zoe Dorado

Chris MacLeod


Imtinan Alam

Student Interested in Law and Policy

Samuel Mohinani

Rainer Wilhelm Froehlich


Sudipta Kumar Sarkar


Daniel Rubio


Guido Silvestri


Sarah Johal

Founder & CEO

Dariel Domi


lina acourtame


Eva Yavas


Isabella Sophia Catalano


Bat Hen